Getting Started

General Configuration

Much of a Jekyll’s configuration is held in the _config.yml file in the project root.

For information on general Jekyll configuration, please check out the Jekyll docs.

Below are some specific options that you might want to set in your _config.yml when using Bulma Clean Theme.


The html lang attribute is set to en by default but you can override this in the _config.yml file lang: en


The html dir attribute is set to ltr by default. It can be overridden in the _config.yml file like direction: rtl.

Google Analytics

To enable Google Analytics add google_analytics: UA-xxxxxxxx to your _config.yml replacing the UA-xxxxxxxx with your Google Analytics property.

google_analytics: UA-xxxxxxxx

GitHub Sponsor

If you have a GitHub sponsors account set up, you can add your username to gh_sponsor in the _config.yml file and it will display a link to your profile on the right of the navbar.

gh_sponsor: chrisrhymes

Further information on Sponsors feature available in the Sponsors docs page.


Disqus comments are available for posts. To be able to use them, you need to set your disqus shortname in _config.yml.


Need help finding your Disqus Shortname? See this helpful post by Disqus on the matter.

Then you need to set your Jekyll environment to production:

JEKYLL_ENV=production bundle exec jekyll build.

Post comments are enabled by default if disqus is enabled. If you want to disable comments on a specific post, set the following in the post’s front matter:

comments: false